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Control in Automation Systems (42 hours)

Control in Automation Systems
This course is one of five modules stackable for the Graduate Diploma in Precision Engineering, specialising in Industrial Automation.

The launch of the Industrial Transformation Maps by the Singapore government is encouraging and supporting the local industry to adopt robotics and automation technologies to advance manufacturing and improve work productivity. However, adoption of the automation technologies to realise effective automation solutions required deep knowledge and relevant skill sets.

This course focus on topics for various components (both hardware and software) required to set-up an automation control system, and perform motion profile design, planning and tuning to achieve specific performance indicators such as throughput or process repeatability or remote control and monitoring. Participants are trained to be equipped in competences of planning, using, designing and selecting components and systems for automation motion control systems.

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Skills Course Code ReferenceTraining PeriodRegistration Status 
Apply Robotics for Manufacturing Automation (42 Hours)TGS-2019503417
EVE 11 May 2020 - 29 Jun 2020 
Automation Components and Systems for Advanced Manufacturing (42 hours)TGS-2019503415
EVE 5 Aug 2020 - 23 Sep 2020
Control in Automation Systems (42 hours)TGS-2019504560EVE 30 Sep 2020 - 16 Nov 2020
Automation Design and Simulation (42 hours)TGS-2019504747EVE 17 Feb 2021 to 5 Apr 2021OPEN
Plan and Manage Project for Implementation (30 hours)
TGS-2018502857EVE  1 Jul 2020 - 3 Aug 2020

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