In-Situ Quality Management

In-situ Quality Management is an application supported by data-mining capability for quality prediction, providing real-time yield information. With a dashboard overview for all machines, it allows user to deep-dive for each machine upon selection. It also supports customization of production line base on specific requirement.

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Quality Main Dashboard


In-Situ Quality Management provide an eagle-eyed view of the shop floor, where every machine production yield is shown. Companies will be able to identify anomaly as well as process in real-time that has a sudden drop in yield and tackle the problem immediately. Alert will be provided to ensure a quick response.


Production Quality Tracking


In-Situ Quality Management provides production quality tracking, where companies can zoom in and pin point production that has problem. It can generate customer quality report with quality analysis results for individual product. In-Situ Quality Management can also record quality inspection through digital measurement instruments with auto outliner alerting in semi or full automatic manner.


Quality Analysis


Whenever anomaly or detailed analysis of product quality is needed, companies can always check the process parameter in real time. Historical data is available for analysis as well. With the quality analysis, companies can quickly zoom down to the source of problem quickly.


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