The Genome Institute of Singapore enjoys international recognition as a quality organisation with a global vision that seeks to use genomic sciences to improve public health and public prosperity. The GIS continues to accumulate new discoveries in genomics, and publish high-level research papers in top scientific journals. In recent years, we have expanded our focus to include direct industrial applications for these findings. The critical challenge facing academic centres like our institute is translating basic research and new technology towards clinical utility.

The Translational Research group promotes the smooth transition from basic research to advances in science and technology, and hence to innovation. Our main focus is on molecular diagnostics, which plays a central role in translational research.

We are able to develop diagnostics for all assay formats and disease areas. Translational research can provide strong evidence that newly discovered biomarkers can be a significant tool for personalised patient care. Our support to the various GIS research groups by assay development, optimisation and validation significantly shortens the distance to commercial applications.

Leveraging on GIS’ experience in collaborative interdisciplinary research activities, the Translational Research group facilitates interactions between investigators from different fields such as biotechnology companies, pharmacology companies and hospitals.

The GIS is equipped with the most advanced technology platforms necessary for research and development in genomics, and application of genomic techniques to biological and medical questions. These technologies, such as the Next Generation Sequencing platforms, are accessible to members of the research community. Additionally, in order to adhere to industrial standards, our newly designed and constructed molecular diagnostics lab follows regulatory obligations and compliances.


Featured Publications

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