GIS Software for Commercial Licensing

Scientific Computing

The Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) is developing cutting edge software suite, computerized pipelines and electronic databases for diverse applications in bioinformatics, computational biology, genomics, phenomics and clinical data analysis. Many of these software projects lead to tools that can also have a useful application in a commercial setting. GIS is ready to license out those tools for conditions favorable for the business partners. GIS is also open to joint software/database development, modification and maintenance projects in the fields mentioned in collaboration with industrial partners.

List of software

Software Product Application GIS Team Maintaining the Tool
MutSpot Mutation hotspot detection in cancer DNA Anders Skanderup
NDRquant Circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in plasma Anders Skanderup
PUREE Determining tumor purity (proportion of cancer cells in a sample) from bulk gene expression profiles of solid tumors Anders Skanderup
SMuRFv2 Somatic mutation calling Anders Skanderup
VarNet Identification of somatic mutations in tumor samples Anders Skanderup
gRNA Designer Design of gRNAs for CRISPR interventions Chew Wei Leong
m6anet Detection of m6A from direct RNA sequencing Jonathan Göke
proActiv Determination of promoter activity from RNA-Seq data Jonathan Göke
xPore Identification of differential RNA modifications from direct RNA-Seq data Jonathan Göke
BANKSY Spatial omics clustering algorithm Shyam Prabhakar
DUBStepR Algorithm for feature selection based on gene–gene correlations Shyam Prabhakar
RCAv2 Clustering and cell type annotation of single cell RNA sequencing data (scRNAseq) Shyam Prabhakar