Chew Wei Leong

Wei Leong CHEW

Group Leader
Laboratory of Synthetic Biology & Genome Editing
Associate Director
Genome Design



We build technologies to rewrite the genome | Our research broadly covers synthetic biology and technology development, with focus on genome-editing, immunology, and gene therapy. To invent genome engineering technologies, we capitalize on nucleic acid manipulation, protein engineering, directed evolution, and high-throughput methodologies. Our overarching motivation is to establish safe and efficacious genome therapeutics for routine human use.

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CHEW Wei Leong, PhD (Principal Investigator)

GUO Ke, PhD (Senior Research Officer)

Nicholas ONG, PhD (Research Fellow; A*STAR NSS)

Eddie KENG Choong Tat, PhD (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Hong-Ting PREKOP, PhD (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Daryl LIM (Research Officer)

Peter Jim PAA (Graduate Student - SINGA)

CHEN Liwei (Research Officer; A*STAR NSS)

Anna TRACZYK, PhD (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Hannah NICHOLAS (Programme Manager)

Priscilla RAJAKUMAR (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Amine MELIANI (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Lavina Sierra TAY (Programme Manager)

June PARK Jung Eun (Postdoctoral Fellow)

CHEW Yi Ting (Student Intern; A*STAR NSS)

Swathi Nachiar MANIVANNAN (Student Intern; A*STAR NSS)

HWANG Xueyan (Student Intern)

Sabranth GUPTA (Student Intern)

Jerry TAN Wei Heng (Student Intern)

LEE Swee Leng (Student Intern)

CHOK Kian Chung (Student Intern)

Suraj VASANDANI (Student Intern)

Franciscus Asisi ATMADI (Student Intern)

KIM Sung Hwan (SIPGA Student)

Bagus SARMITO (Student Intern)

GOH Si Wei (Research Officer)

Selected Publications

  • A.M. Moreno, N. Palmer, F. Aleman, G. Chen, A. Pla, W. L. Chew, M. Law, P. Mali. Exploring protein orthogonality in immune space: a case study with AAV and Cas9 orthologs. bioRxiv 245985. Abstract
  • G. M. Church and W. L. Chew. AAV split Cas9 genome editing and transcriptional regulation. PCT/US2017/032362, WO/2017/197238. Abstract
  • W. L. Chew. Immunity to CRISPR Cas9 and Cas12a therapeutics. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews Systems Biology and Medicine 10.1002/wsbm.1408. (2017) Abstract
  • L. Yang, A. Briggs, W. L. Chew, P. Mali, M. Guell, J. Aach, D. Goodman, D. Cox, Y. Kan, E. Lesha, V. Soundararajan, F. Zhang, G. M. Church. Engineering and optimising deaminase fusions for genome editing. Nature communications 7, 13330 (2016); published online Epub 2016 Nov 02 (10.1038/ncomms13330). bioRxiv 066597. Abstract
  • L. Zangi, M. S. Oliveira, L. Y. Ye, Q. Ma, N. Sultana, Y. Hadas, E. Chepurko, D. Später, B. Zhou, W. L. Chew, W. Ebina, M. Abrial, Q. D. Wang, W. T. Pu, and K. R. Chien. An IGF1R-Dependent Pathway Drives Epicardial Adipose Tissue Formation After Myocardial Injury. Circulation 135, 59-72 (2017); published online Epub 2016 Nov 01 (10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.116.022064). Abstract
  • W. L. Chew, M. Tabebordbar, J. K. Cheng, P. Mali, E. Y. Wu, A. H. Ng, K. Zhu, A. J. Wagers, G. M. Church, A multifunctional AAV-CRISPR-Cas9 and its host response. Nature methods 13, 868-874 (2016); published online Epub 2016 Sep 05 (10.1038/nmeth.3993). Abstract
  • G. M. Church and W. L. Chew. Split Cas9 proteins. PCT/US2016/012570, WO/2016/112242. Abstract
  • A. J. Wagers, M. Tabebordbar, W. L. Chew, and G. M. Church. RNA-guided systems for in vivo gene editing. PCT/US2015/063181, WO/2016/089866. Abstract
  • W.L. Chew. Postnatal Genome Editing With CRISPR. (2016). Abstract
  • M. Tabebordbar, K. Zhu, J. K. Cheng, W. L. Chew, J. J. Widrick, W. X. Yan, C. Maesner, E. Y. Wu, R. Xiao, F. A. Ran, L. Cong, F. Zhang, L. H. Vandenberghe, G. M. Church, A. J. Wagers, In vivo gene editing in dystrophic mouse muscle and muscle stem cells. Science 351, 407-411 (2016); published online Epub 2015 Dec 31 (10.1126/science.aad5177). Abstract