Singapore Single-Cell Network (SSCN)

In the last few years, single-cell and spatial technologies have revolutionalised how we study biological processes, allowing unprecedented resolution and scale. SSCN is a community for all researchers, wet-lab scientists and bioinformaticians in Singapore working in single-cell and spatial research, with diverse interests from developmental biology to cancer.

SSCN started regular meetings in 2020 to provide a forum for researchers to discuss new publications, technologies, ideas, troubleshooting and other topics. All members will have opportunities to present their own data and experiences, as well as to hear from leading experts in the field on their latest research. Occasionally we will also invite industry partners to present their latest developments in the single-cell space.

An initiative by the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) in partnership with Illumina and 10x Genomics

Objectives of the SSCN

SSCN Objectives

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As SSCN members, you will enjoy a first look into exciting developments in Singapore’s single-cell and spatial research and technology landscape. Participate in our regular events and play an active role in shaping future events and discussions, while networking with the who’s who in the field. Membership is free; fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you with a confirmation.

Founding Members:
Shyam Prabhakar and Nirmala Arul Rayan

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