Single-Cell In Situ Spatial Omics at Subceullar Resolution (SCISSOR)

The SCISSOR programme is a four-year A*STAR funded national flagship programme to place Singapore at the forefront of an entirely new market space of molecular diagnostics. SCISSOR is an extremely exciting programme with a truly exciting core technology and strong team of experts (researchers, clinicians, scientists, pharmaceutical companies and business development leaders) nationwide and across the globe.

SCISSOR leverages a potentially disruptive new technology: Spatial Omics (SO). There are many SO technologies currently in use, one of them - mFISH (multiplexed error robust FISH) - was originally developed and refined by scientists in GIS. The advantage of this technology is that it multiplexes traditional imaging-based Fluorescent in situ hybridisation (FISH) technique to simultaneously profile thousands of DNA and RNA targets, while retaining a tissue spatial context. This novel spatial technology empowers convergence of diverse assays within a single platform that is fully compatible with existing pathology workflows in laboratories and clinics.

RUO reagent kit and services for characterising tumour microenvironment and immunotherapy biomarker discovery.