Name of software MutSpot 
Purpose Somatic non-coding mutation hotspot detection
Name of Contact Amanda Guo & Anders Skanderup
Email of technical contact
Summary of software function

Recurrence and clustering of somatic mutations (hotspots) in cancer genomes may  indicate positive selection and involvement in tumorigenesis. MutSpot performs genome-wide inference of mutation hotspots in non-coding and regulatory DNA of cancer genomes. MutSpot performs feature selection across hundreds of epigenetic and sequence features followed by estimation of position- and patient-specific background somatic mutation probabilities. MutSpot is user-friendly, works on a standard workstation, and scales to thousands of cancer genomes.

MutSpot is freely available for academic use. Commercial usage requires a license.

Publications describing software & its application Guo, Y.A., Chang, M.M. & Skanderup, A.J. MutSpot: detection of non-coding mutation hotspots in cancer genomes. npj Genom. Med. 5, 26 (2020).