Empowering Research

The Genome Institute of Singapore has established a solid reputation in genomics-based health and life sciences. Advances in genomic technologies, genetic engineering, computational biology, disease model systems, and molecular cell biology are generating discoveries with remarkable speed that are leading us to novel and precise therapies for human diseases. To make this promise a reality, we must advance from a focus on single gene effects to understanding and controlling the complex interactions throughout the networks of all genes involved in health and disease contexts. New innovations in the genomics space put mastery of biological complexity within our reach. With creative use of such new technologies and tools, we can devise definitive solutions to complex medical problems and develop a truly translational biomedical approach.

To do this, the GIS innovates by sharing knowledge, risks and successes, and we innovate across boundaries. We have deep experiences in identifying the right opportunities in biomedical sciences and relationship-building skills to work collaboratively with our partners. Recognised as a leader in genomic research to partner with, we have a strong desire to deliver future success for our partners and for our institute.

It is our collaborative approach that leads to scientific and commercial success. Partnering with the GIS means that our partners gain from our capabilities: executive leadership, strategic alliances and knowledge management, deal flexibility, research and development, translational biosciences like stratified oncology and (companion) diagnostics.

The focus of each of our alliances is on how we can create a sustainable win-win situation for all partners involved; our partners play an active role in the scientific and commercial development – we consider a variety of deal types that range from Research Collaboration Agreements (RCA), Project or Service Agreements (PA), Licensing (LA), Joint Labs and Centres of Excellence (CoE).

Alliances with Industry

Industrial Partnerships Making an impact on the world around us is an important focus at the GIS. Through research collaborations with the industry, we seek to understand and solve complex application related questions in the genomics area.

The GIS is open to requests from the industry, and our business development team works to facilitate project management and coordination with our research groups. Successful collaborations with many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotech companies have been carried out at the GIS.

Together with one of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies, researchers at the GIS studied the mechanisms of drug resistance in tuberculosis. This project involved gene expression microarray and RNA sequencing and resulted in valuable data for the company’s drug development efforts.

The Computational and Systems Biology department deals with research around datasets with strong focus on finding cutting edge solutions for data processing and alignment algorithms. In a recent collaboration, novel cloud-based storage solutions for complex NGS data were developed.

In addition to the more strategic research collaborations, the GIS also offers consultancy and expert advice in the research focus areas as well as service-based agreements covering sequencing, real time PCR and molecular or companion diagnostics development.

Besides the strong relations the GIS has built with the biomedical industry, we have also established a strong network with our clinical and academic partners to enhance knowledge exchange, bench-to-bedside translation and to make an impact on medical healthcare through genomics innovations.


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