High throughput, next generation genomic technologies are revolutionising the manner in which research in the field of human heredity is being carried out. As a national institute for genetic and genomic research, sustaining capability and high-level expertise in these technologies is a key strategic priority of GIS in maintaining its position as one of the leading research institutes in the field.

Being the national flagship institute for genomic research in Singapore, we specialise in a very broad selection of array technology from Illumina and Affymetrix to empower our discovery efforts into the underlying genetic causes of human diseases (both common and rare). We also undertake focused genotyping using the Sequenom and Taqman systems for validation purposes. With dedicated automation and quality control pipelines, we support a wide range of experimental protocols for human genetic research.

We aim to bring together genomics and analysis services to support practising clinicians and scientists from both Singapore and abroad wanting to leverage on the latest technologies in genomics for their research. We collaborate with GIS multi-disciplinary research teams in human genetics, cancer biology and stratified oncology, stem cells, and with researchers across America, Asia and Europe.