Nicolas BERTIN

Group Leader,
Genome Research Informatics and Data Science Platform




By explicitly recognizing the importance of individual and population-level genetic variations and other molecular factors in determining or predicting clinical outcomes, Precision Medicine (PM) promises to transform how we assess disease risk, deliver more accurate diagnoses, and tailor appropriate therapies while minimizing treatment-related side effects. To address the challenge of big data analytics and integrative omics for PM, four institutions have come together to form the Centre for Big Data and Integrative Genomics (c-BIG).

As the Programme Manager for c-BIG, Dr. Bertin coordinates efforts and tracks progress across the centre's four partner institutions (GIS, BII, IHPC, I2R), oversees the deployment of the multi-institutional centre’s data acquisition, storage, and analytic capacities for large-scale clinical and research omics, and drives industry collaborations related to c-BIG infrastructure.


Centre for Big Data and Integrative Genomics (c-BIG)
National Precision Medicine Programme

Selected Publications

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