Anders Jacobsen SKANDERUP

Anders Jacobsen SKANDERUP

Group Leader,
Laboratory of Computational Cancer Genomics




Cancer Genomics and Systems Biology

Our group works on data-driven computational approaches to understand the molecular basis of tumors and improve the way we treat cancer patients.

More information on our lab web site.

Selected Publications

  • Guo YA, Chang MM, Huang W, Ooi WF, Xing M, Tan P, Skanderup AJ "Mutation hotspots at CTCF binding sites coupled to chromosomal instability in gastrointestinal cancers." Nature Communications 2018 Apr 18 ; 9(1) : 1520 Abstract
  • Hakimi AA *, Tickoo SK *, Jacobsen A *, Sarungbam J, Sfakianos JP, Sato Y, Morikawa T, Kume H, Fukayama M, Homma Y, Che n YB, Sankin AI, Mano R, Coleman JA, Russo P, Ogawa S, Sander C, Hsieh JJ, Reuter VE "TCEB1-mutated renal cell carcinoma: a distinct genomic and morphological subtype." Modern Pathology 2015 Feb 13 Abstract
  • Weinhold N *, Jacobsen A *, Schultz N, Sander C, Lee W "Genome-wide analysis of noncoding regulatory mutations in cancer." Nature Genetics 2014 Nov ; 46(11) : 1160-5 Epub 2014 Sep 28 Abstract
  • Jacobsen A, Silber J, Harinath G, Huse JT, Schultz N, Sander C "Analysis of microRNA-target interactions across diverse cancer types." Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 2013 Nov ; 20(11) : 1325-32 Epub 2013 Oct 6 Abstract
  • Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network "Comprehensive molecular characterization of clear cell renal cell carcinoma." Nature 2013 Jul 4 ; 499(7456) : 43-9 Epub 2013 Jun 23 Abstract
  • Creighton CJ *, Hernandez-Herrera A *, Jacobsen A *, Levine DA, Mankoo P, Schultz N, Du Y, Zhang Y, Larsson E, Sheridan R, Xiao W, Spellman PT, Getz G, Wheeler DA, Perou CM, Gibbs RA, Sander C, Hayes DN, Gunaratne PH "Integrated analyses of microRNAs demonstrate their widespread influence on gene expression in high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma." PLoS One 2012 ; 7(3) : e34546 Epub 2012 Mar 29 Abstract
  • Jacobsen A, Wen J, Marks DS, Krogh A "Signatures of RNA binding proteins globally coupled to effective microRNA target sites." Genome Research 2010 Aug ; 20(8) : 1010-9 Epub 2010 May 27 Abstract
  • Jacobsen A, Krogh A, Kauppinen S, Lindow M "miRMaid: a unified programming interface for microRNA data resources." BMC Bioinformatics 2010 ; 11 : 29 Epub 2010 Jan 14 Abstract
  • Lindow M *, Jacobsen A *, Nygaard S, Mang Y, Krogh A "Intragenomic matching reveals a huge potential for miRNA-mediated regulation in plants." PLoS Computational Biology 2007 Nov ; 3(11) : e238 Abstract