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Genome: The GIS Speaker Series - Dr Chris Mason

For our fourth session, we invited Dr Christopher E Mason to talk about “New discoveries in RNA- and DNA-sequencing across dozens of cities on Earth”.

Genome: The GIS Speaker Series - Dr Chen Ling Ling

For our third session, we invited Dr Chen Ling Ling to talk about “Linking RNA Processing and Function”.

Genome: The GIS Speaker Series - Dr Adam Phillippy

For our second session, we invited Dr Adam Phillippy to talk about “The Complete Sequence of a Human Genome”.

Health Matters - Exfoliation Syndrome

Singapore scientists discovered the genetic mutation linked to Exfoliation Syndrome - the most common cause of Glaucoma.

LISTEN: Dr Khor Chiea Chuen, Senior Group Leader, Laboratory of Complex Disease Genetics, Associate Director, Precision Medicine and Population Genomics (Somatic) / Sequencing Platform, Genome Institute of Singapore, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)



Genome: The GIS Speaker Series - Dr Sarah A Tishkoff

We've started a new series of monthly scientific talks “Genome: The GIS Speaker Series”. For our first session, we invited Dr Sarah A Tishkoff to kick-start this series with her talk on “Genomic Evolution & Adaptation in Africa: Implications for Health & Disease”.

Living Boldly. An International Women's Day Special.

Dr Li Jingmei was featured in the Breast Cancer Foundation’s (BCF) International Women’s Day Special 2021 – Living Boldly. Catch the live recording of their panelists as they share their personal stories with breast cancer and how it has inspired them to live boldly. With special guests:

  • Ms Pam Oei (Actor / Director & Panel Moderator)
  • Mr Benjamin Kheng (Fly Entertainment Artiste / SONY Music Artist),
  • Ms Evelyn Ong (Breast Cancer Survivor)
  • Dr Li Jingmei (Breast Cancer Research Scientist)



Channel News Asia – Ep 2: Disease Hunters: Battle Against Bacteria”

Humans and bacteria have been in an evolutionary race for centuries. With the emergence of “Superbugs” and no new antibiotics in sight, we are facing a losing battle. How can we turn the tide?

8 Questions With A Breast Cancer Researcher

Dr. Jingmei Li, Senior Research Scientist at the Genome Institute of Singapore, is devoted to improving women's health & preventing the spread of breast cancer! In this video, she and Jewell Dalina Lim, Breast Cancer Awareness Advocate, discuss 8 key questions surrounding breast cancer.

Channel News Asia – “Why It Matters 4: Ep 4: Should We Hack Our DNA?”

Hack your DNA, and change your destiny. CRISPR-Cas9 is a gene editing tool that can eradicate diseases, and maybe one day even enhance our looks, personalities, and abilities. How does it do that, and are we ready for it? Joshua finds out what conditions he could be passing down to his children with a DNA test, and questions if CRISPR could write them away.

Interview with Professor Roger Foo from A*STAR’s Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) on Peranakan DNA Genome Study (Prof Roger Foo)

Scientists from A*STAR’s Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) have completed a DNA study on Peranakan Singaporeans as part of a project to help them learn more about their ancestry. The findings will be released in August at a public forum at the Asian Civilisations Museum. In an interview with Channel NewsAsia, Professor Roger Foo from GIS, who was the Principal Investigator for this project, spoke about how this study came about and the kinds of insights that people can expect from this project.

Disease Detectives: Unmasking an Unsuspected Killer (Associate Prof Swaine Chen)

In 2015, an outbreak of Group B Streptococcus (GBS) affected more than 350 Singaporeans. Here's how a team led by Dr. Swaine Chen of the Genome Institute of Singapore identified raw fish as the cause. https://www.asianscientist.com/2019/05/features/sea-beast-gbs-food-safety-aquaculture/

2019. HC Meeting Asia 2019: Robust, Scalable Algorithms for Scrna Seq and Scatac Seq (Dr Shyam Prabhakar)

2019. HCA Equity Meeting (Dr Shyam Prabhakar)

2019. HCA Meeting: HCA Challenges and Solutions, Genetic diversity (Dr Shyam Prabhakar)

2019. TEDxNTU (Dr Li Jingmei)

Channel News Asia interview: Histone acetylation changes in autism

International Women's Day @ Disney

2017. Young Scientist Awards 2017 (Dr Li Jingmei)

Channel News Asia – “Why It Matters: Filthy Rich”

At face value, a $10 note is just a note. But if you examined it closely enough, what you find might gross you out. Joshua takes our banknotes to a microbiology lab to find out how just dirty our money is. Are you getting more than you bargained for? This episode of “Why It Matters” features expert comments from Drs Niranjan Nagarajan and Swaine Chen.

2017. A*STAR TV - Mini Brains, Mega Impact

Singapore scientists grow miniature human midbrains

2016. INK - Personalized cancer treatment (Dr Ramanuj Dasgupta)

Dr Ramanuj Dasgupta discusses his pioneering method of cancer treatment, genomics-driven precision oncology at INK Asia 2016.

2015. Fast and sensitive mapping of nanopore sequencing reads with GraphMap (Dr Niranjan Nagarajan)

2016. Scientists from Genome Institute of Singapore and Stanford University collaborate to generate new human bone and heart cells from embryonic stem cells

2016. RNAi-based functional genomics at the GIS

2015. Young Scientist Awards 2015 (Dr Wan Yue)

2015. President’s Science and Technology Awards 2015 (Prof Patrick Tan)

2013. Young Scientist Awards 2013 (Dr Khor Chiea Chuen)