Pierce CHOW Kah-Hoe

Kah-Hoe Pierce CHOW

Professor, Duke-NUS Medical School
Senior Consultant Surgeon, Surgical Oncology, National Cancer Centre Singapore
Senior Consultant Surgeon, HPB and Transplant Surgery, Singapore General Hospital
Senior Clinician Scientist, National Medical Research Council, Singapore




Prof Chow leads the Program in Clinical and Translational Liver Research at the National Cancer Center Centre and is Protocol Chair of the Asia-Pacific Hepatocellular Carcinoma Trials Group. His research interests are in hepatocellular carcinoma and steato-hepatitis.

1. Clinical Trials and outcomes research in hepato-pancreato-biliary cancers
2. The genomics and immunology of hepatocellular carcinoma and the applications to personalized medicine
3. Brachytherapy and novel delivery platforms in solid organ cancers.
4. Patient tumour-explant xenografts and novel models in experimental oncology.
5. Metabolic liver disease and the microbiome

Selected Publications

  • Li F, Huynh H, Li X et al. FGFR-Mediated Reactivation of MAPK Signaling Attenuates Antitumor Effects of Imatinib in Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors. Cancer Discovery 2015. (IF: 19.453) Abstract
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  • Xu, Q., Leong, J., Chua, Q. Y., Chi, Y. T., Chow, P. K., Pack, D. W., and Wang, C. H. (2013) Combined modality doxorubicin-based chemotherapy and chitosan-mediated p53 gene therapy using double-walled microspheres for treatment of human hepatocellular carcinoma, Biomaterials 34, 5149-5162. (IF:8.557) Abstract
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