LIU Jinyue

Jinyue LIU

Senior Research Scientist,
Laboratory of Single-Cell Spatial Neuromics




Single-Cell Spatial Neuromics

We apply and develop nucleic acid-based technologies to investigate the human brain, so as to improve mental health and enhance lives. Our interests span brain development, function and disease. Through a comprehensive analysis of cellular architecture and interactions under physiologically relevant contexts, we strive to identify molecular hubs that can be tuned to improve outcomes for complex brain disorders.

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Selected Publications

  • Liu J, Reggiani JDS, Laboulaye MA, Pandey S, Chen B, Rubenstein JLR, Krishnaswamy A, Sanes JR "Tbr1 instructs laminar patterning of retinal ganglion cell dendrites." Nature Neuroscience 2018 May ; 21(5) : 659-670 Abstract
  • Duan X, Krishnaswamy A, Laboulaye MA, Liu J, Peng YR, Yamagata M, Toma K, Sanes JR "Cadherin Combinations Recruit Dendrites of Distinct Retinal Neurons to a Shared Interneuronal Scaffold." Neuron 2018 Sep 19 ; 99(6) : 1145-1154.e6 Abstract
  • Liu J, Sanes JR "Cellular and Molecular Analysis of Dendritic Morphogenesis in a Retinal Cell Type That Senses Color Contrast and Ventral Motion." Journal of Neuroscience 2017 12 13 ; 37(50) : 12247-12262 (featured on journal cover) Abstract
  • Liu J. "The Anatomy and Physiology of Direction-Selective Retinal Ganglion Cells." Webvision: The Organization of the Retina and Visual System. Salt Lake City (UT): University of Utah Health Sciences Center Aug 20, 2015; Abstract
  • Agathocleous M, Love NK, Randlett O, Harris JJ, Liu J, Murray AJ, Harris WA "Metabolic differentiation in the embryonic retina." Nature Cell Biology 2012 Aug ; 14(8) : 859-64 (featured in News and Views) Abstract