Marie Chiew Shia LOH

Marie Loh

Senior Research Scientist,
Laboratory of DNA methylation and Population Epigenetics




Molecular epidemiology is a powerful branch of epidemiology and medical science that focuses on the contribution of omics and environmental factors to the etiology, distribution and prevention of disease within and across populations. Specifically, I have a long-standing interest in ethnic differences in disease risk and prognosis. My research focuses on combining population health with molecular phenotyping and laboratory-based approaches to advance knowledge and understanding in complex diseases, with the overarching aim is to improve health in Asian populations via new and effective strategies for risk stratification, disease prediction and prevention. In my research, I focus on DNA methylation, a mechanism that has been established to play a key role in the determination of genomic function and the coordination of gene expression. Disturbances in DNA methylation have also been implicated in the development of various complex diseases such as cancer and T2D. Indeed, epigenetic mechanisms such as methylation is a signature of environment and life course exposure, and not only about underlying genetics.

Selected Publications

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