Rajkumar s/o Dorajoo

Rajkumar s/o DORAJOO

Senior Research Scientist,
Laboratory of Metabolic Disease and Ageing Genomics





Laboratory of metabolic disease and ageing genomics

The obesity crisis is a major healthcare concern in both developed and developing nations worldwide. Obesity is not only a problem in childhood and adulthood but it also tracks into older ages. At the same time, we are in the midst of an ageing population crisis with many nations, including Singapore, facing massive healthcare burdens due to prolonged lifespan spent in poor health. How inherent genetic risks contribute to accelerate ageing processes, especially in Asian populations is not well understood.

My research is focused towards using a breath of genomic data to understand biological processes of accelerated ageing and how these may impact upon health outcomes later in life. The group routinely performs large-scale genetic association studies through genome-wide association studies (GWAS) and more detailed sequencing studies for metabolic traits such as obesity levels and ageing related biomarkers such as telomere length attrition. These have enabled identification of numerous germline genetic risk variants for various metabolic and ageing related traits. Our genetic studies for telomere length attrition has also highlighted potential ethnic-specific genetic associations that may be uniquely relevant to the Asian population. Leveraging on longitudinal datasets such as the Singapore Chinese Health Study with over 25 years of prospectively collected phenotypes, we follow up identified genetic findings with powerful statistical tools to ascertain potentially functional roles for specific metabolic and ageing biomarkers with risks of incident diseases (common cancers, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes mellitus), major mortalities and overall longevity and healthy ageing status.

Understanding precise biological dysfunctions that contribute to disease and ageing outcomes requires additional detailed investigations at the disease relevant tissues and cells. The group extends genetic findings through detailed omics interrogations in primary tissues and cell-types from appropriate patient samples. These include determination of ageing biomarkers together with genome-wide transcriptomic evaluations of sputum immune cell-types to understand a potential role for telomere length attrition in immune competence, which we had reported to be especially relevant to increased respiratory disease and mortality risks. Other primary studies involve detailed RNA-sequencing evaluations of various adipose tissues from bariatric weight-loss surgery patients and kidney transcriptomic studies in renal decline patients. The group actively seeks to integrate germline genetic information, multiple layers of detailed omics data with improved ageing molecular phenotypes to provide added insights to metabolic dysfunctions in relation to ageing processes and outcomes.

Selected Publications

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