TAM Wai Leong

Wai Leong TAM

Deputy Executive Director,
Laboratory of Translational Cancer Biology
Associate Director,
Precision Medicine and Population Genomics (Somatic)





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One of the grand challenges for cancer treatment is that current therapeutic strategies to treat tumor are ineffective due to therapy resistance and tumor recurrence that are caused by cancer stem cells (CSCs). The lab addresses this important challenge by integrating the fields of cancer, CSC, targeted therapy, and disease modeling, to translate biological findings about CSCs into innovative, targeted cancer therapies. Advanced multidisciplinary approaches are employed to uncover and interrogate emerging paradigms in CSC biology. This will reveal facets of CSCs that are amendable to rationally designed targeted therapies. High-throughput chemical screening is further utilized to discover potentially useful agents that can eradicate CSCs. In the long-term, the development of these agents will provide novel therapeutic modalities which can be employed as neoadjuvants for cancer treatment.

Research Themes:
1. Energetics: What are the metabolites produced and utilized by CSCs? Why are they uniquely important? How do we exploit the metabolic liabilities of CSCs as therapeutic targets?
2. Synthetic lethality: How do we engineer vulnerabilities into CSCs that will cause them to gain susceptibility to therapy? Can we rewire stemness and differentiation programs in cancer cells?
3. Human tumor modeling: How do we build clinically relevant models for understanding tumor heterogeneity and better model their response to therapy?
4. Non-coding RNAs: Why are non-coding RNAs important for CSCs? What do they do? How do we gain novel mechanistic insights into the function of novel non-coding RNAs?

Selected Publications

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