Yiqi Seow

Senior Research Scientist,
Laboratory of Diagnostic Accessibility





Nucleic acid diagnostics has proven its worth during the Covid-19 pandemic and there are a growing number of indications that can be diagnosed with nucleic acid analytes. However, while new diagnostic biomarkers such as methylated DNA and single cell transcriptome are being shown to improve diagnostic capabilities for diseases, current methods can be cost-prohibitive for routine diagnostics. Seow Yiqi is looking at the workflow for nucleic acid diagnostics and asking if there are technologies that can make nucleic acid diagnostics more affordable and deployable, thus allowing patients to access these new biomarkers more affordably. He has developed and licenced out a nucleic acid extraction kit; an unbiased metagenomic sequencing workflow for affordable rapid identification of pathogens; and developed lyophilization nucleic acid detection reagents. He is also keen to support companies by assisting in developing in-house nucleic acid extraction, lyophilization, sequencing kit development and nucleic acid processing capabilities to enhance their product portfolio.

Selected Publications

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