Biocomputing Centre

BII Biocomputing Centre Team

The role of the team is to provide BII with a one-stop IT support shop in the areas of general IT services, desktop/GPU computing, computational clusters, storage, network, web hosting/development, IT security and productivity software.

We help BII end users in all sorts of IT-related issues in their daily work as well as IT requirements in their research projects. These can be simple IT hardware problems, providing IT infrastructure support, providing the scientific OS/environment to run their tools, supporting their web-based applications or creating web applications for their use.

In 2019, we initiated a refresh of the aging IT infrastructure in BII. Our new cpu computational cluster will have more than 1000 cores and the cluster will be inter-connected by a high-speed low-latency network. We have also done a refresh of the older network equipment in BII and will be rolling out a new WIFI network. We are also upgrading the data center equipment to support 10GB network connectivity. We have increased our storage capacity by 400 Gigabytes and our additional storage capacity is targeted to reach nearly 1 Petabyte by end of FY2019. We are also setting up a small desktop GPU cluster with the latest GPUs for machine learning.


Senior Systems and Network Engineer

CHEW Chee Siang
Senior Systems Engineer

TOE Chin Siang
Senior Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer

SUM Hei Mun
Website and Digital Media Designer