Business Development

The Strategic and Business Planning Office at the Bioinformatics Institute (BII), A*STAR, drives the institute's strategic vision and impactful collaborations. Operating at the nexus of academia, industry, and government, this office spearheads strategic planning exercises and cultivates partnerships with both private and public sectors. With a focus on bridging the gap between BII's innovative research and external stakeholders, the team plays a crucial role in translating scientific discoveries into real-world applications. In addition to its strategic endeavors, the office is dedicated to supporting BII scientists by facilitating grant applications, ensuring sustained funding support for groundbreaking research. As the linchpin connecting the scientific community with external entities, the Strategic and Business Planning Office serves as a catalyst for translating scientific discoveries into real-world applications that positively impact society.


BII - Maple Ye
Dr. Maple YE Hongye
Director (Strategic and Business Planning)
BII - Sekar Sakthivel
Dr. SEKAR Sakthivel
Multi-RI Programme, Commercial and Industry Development
Industry Development Manager
Gabriel MARINI
Senior Research Officer