BII Scientific Conference 2024




Welcome & Overview by Executive Director

Division Overview by Sebastian Maurer-Stroh

Roland Huber - Function and Structure of RNA

Kumar Selvarajoo - Computational Biology & Omics

Winston Koh - Molecular Innovations and AI Integration

Sebastian Maurer-Stroh – Protein Sequence Analysis

Division Overview by Chandra Verma

Peter Bond - Multiscale Simulation, Modelling and Design

Igor Berezovsky - Physics and Evolution of Biological Macromolecules

Hao Fan - Structure-based Ligand Discovery and Design

Yaw Sing Tan - Computational Chemical Biology & Fragment-Based Design

Chandra Verma - Atomistic Simulations and Design in Biology

Division Overview by Lee Hwee Kuan

Lit Hsin Loo - Complex Cellular Phenotype Analysis

Yu Weimiao - Computational Digital Pathology Lab

Liu Wei and Malay Singh - Computer Vision and Pattern Discovery

Lau Mai Chan- Spatial & Singel-cell Omics Immunology

Chen Jinmiao - AI-Powered Single-Cell and Spatial Omics Analysis for Precision Immunology

Division Overview by Neerja Karnani

Wong Wing Cheong - Biomedical Data Architecture & Repository

Tan Ming Zhen - Biomedical Data Architecture & Repository

P Mukkesh Kumar – Data Management

Dennis Wang – ML/Analytics for Large Genomic Data and Drug Biomarker Development

Xing Yi Woo - Research Data Integration

Neerja Karnani - Clinical Data Engagement