Molecular Innovations and AI Integration


The lab research focuses on the operationalization of bioinformatics tools with nucleic acid quantification technologies and generative AI models to create platforms that can make actionable measurements. Specifically, our research team is interested in using these platforms to accelerate synthetic biology applications. To accomplish this, we also conduct studies that involve developing novel enzymes for applications in focus fields of:
  • Diagnostics & Biotech- novel polymerases,
  • Sustainability – heat stable PETases,
  • Consumer Technology – olfactory receptors
  • Food & agriculture – Sweet Proteins Sweeteners.
We expect our bioinformatics platform to provide new powerful tools for accelerating the design, optimization and understanding of biological systems, with a wide range of applications, from biotechnology to medicine.


Assistant Principal Investigator KOH Winston   |    [View Bio]  
Senior Research Officer POH Si En 
Lead Research Officer WONG Kiat Whye 

Selected Publications