Data science is an important component of biomedical and translational research, where data of multiple modalities are being constantly generated at unprecedented scale. The Research Data Integration group in the Biomedical Datahub Division aims to bridge the complexity of computational biology and data science with the needs of biologists and clinicians to drive biological discoveries and predict translational outcomes. To achieve this goal, we are developing capabilities to analyze and integrate multi-omics, imaging and clinical data generated by biomedical institutes in A*STAR, clinical institutions and national platforms in Singapore to improve the usability and interpretability of large-scale multimodal datasets of cancer and other diseases.

Cancer is one of our disease focus in the Biomedical Datahub. Our group uses a wide range of computational, statistical, annotation and machine learning approaches to analyze largescale multi-modal datasets generated from cancer patients, xenografts, organoids and cell lines. We work closely with cancer biologists, bioinformaticians and clinicians to build clinical and experimental cancer data resources that can drive research analysis and inform treatment options in the clinic, thereby improving patient outcomes.

Currently, the Research Integration Group focuses on these strategic tasks to enhance the capabilities of the biomedical datahub:
  • Data coordination and infrastructure building for large-scale biomedical projects
  • Development of analysis workflows, databases, visualization with disease expert knowledge for clinical data in a secured computing environment
  • Protein structure analysis of cancer mutations
  • AI analysis of cancer images
  • Analysis and database development of public cancer datasets
  • Harmonization of disease and drug vocabulary
Ultimately, we integrate both diverse research expertise and datatypes through the role of a central data coordination platform for large-scale biomedical projects and platforms. Thereby improving the efficiency of translating the data towards new discoveries and treatments and ensuring the life cycle of the data for future data sharing and research. One such effort that we have embarked on is building the “Integrated functional precision tumor board for soft tissue sarcomas and rare cancers” with Dr. Valerie Yang in National Cancer Center Singapore.

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 Head of Research Data Integration WOO Xing Yi   |    [View Bio]  
 Assistant Principal Investigator  LAU Mai Chan
 Senior Scientist I GOH Jia Ni Janice
 Post-Doctoral Research Fellow  WONG Wai Yee
 Research Officer  PHUA Xuan Ming Brandon
 Senior Research Officer  ZHANG Qinze Arthur


Selected Publications

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