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Featured in The Straits Times - Dr. Sebastian Maurer-Stroh

The Straits Times Feature - Sebastian Maurer-Stroh, 3 Sept 2021

Dr. Sebastian Maurer-Stroh featured in The Straits Times, 3rd Sept 2021


The World Health Organization (WHO) recently upgraded the Mu variant of the coronavirus to variant of interest (VOI), but experts say it is unlikely to overtake the Delta variant of concern (VOC) given current levels.

Featured in the Straits Times Article, Bioinformatics Institute’s Executive Director, Dr. Sebastian Maurer-Stroh said the Mu variant accounts for less than 1 percent. He added: “In order to cause larger outbreaks, any variant needs to be ‘fit’ and these variants are classified to be of interest because they contain features that are known to make viruses successful." So, it is good to watch them closely just to see if they could appear at more relevant levels in future.

Dr. Maurer-Stroh also shared that current vaccines could work against these VOIs as well as they do against Delta or earlier VOCs, as the range of changes causing the mutations may be comparable. Source: The Straits Times, 3 Sept 2021

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