The Straits Times Feature - Dr. Sebastian Maurer-Stroh and team

The Sunday Times Feature - Dr. Sebastian Maurer-Stroh and team

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Dr. Sebastian Maurer-Stroh and his team, were recently featured on the Sunday Times for their contribution towards the development of the classification of Sars-CoV-2 viral clades and subclades used to track the virus mutations and movement of the clades around the world. This classification was also adopted for use by GISAID (Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Data), an international scientific organization. 

Thanks to the genomes sequenced in Singapore – which all go towards the international GISAID database – the Republic is shown to have been successful in containing the spread of COVID-19 here. Such genomic sequencing not only helps to connect different, previously unlinked clusters, it also indicates how effectively the spread of COVID-19 is being tackled.

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