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[Featured Research] SiNOPSEE Theraputics

[Featured Research] SiNOPSEE Theraputics


BII scientists, Prof. Chandra Verma and Dr. Srinivasaraghavan Kannan from the Atomistic Simulations and Design in Biology group, along with Prof. Uttam Surana (Research Director of IMCB) and Dr. Hong Hwa Lim (Senior Scientist in BTI) co-founded an A*STAR spinoff company, SiNOPSEE Theraputics in December 2017.

SiNOPSEE Therapeutics is a bio-pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, design, and development of small molecular weight compounds for the treatment of chronic diseases such as cancer and ophthalmology.

They were recently featured on A*STAR Research website where Prof. Uttam Surana shared that they were working on developing drugs to block angiogenesis in cancer and degenerative eye conditions.

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